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A layout question [Saturday
September 27th ]

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a Jeremy Shockey layout.  I don't care if the team is NY or NO, I would just really appericate any type of layout

December 4th ]

Hey I wanted to introduce myself I found this site on another community on LJ. I'm Nicky a 24 year old NY football fan, a fan of both Jets and Giants surprizingly enough, I also like some other players around the NFL. I like graphic making so I'll be making lots of stuff, mainly icons. Here's an example of my icons:

Please let me know who you would like to see :)

Also if you like Jeremy Shockey, please join shockey_fans
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November 26th ]

I just thought I would let you all now if you havent noticed all of the layouts made on here will be 800x600 unless it is stated otherwise.I am sorry more layouts havent been posted but I have been away from my computer for a while because of thanksgiving.I will make it up to you.I am working with my sister when I get to see her on a masterpiece!Don't forget that if you want a specific layout just let me know and I will be happy to make you one.=D


November 14th ]

The Community Layout is now up.

If you have any requests for a layout comment on this entry.

First Layout!!! [Sunday
November 12th ]

Here is what it looks like
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November 12th ]

Ok I am not on my normal computer so I cant use photoshop.Uhmm.Right now there is a lj layout,but it will change soon to a football one.

Yey it is finally Sunday!!

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